Stop the Violence and Embrace
Stop the Violence and Embrace


OUR CHILDREN AGAINST VIOLENCE: The purpose of this program is to provide a positive learning environment for our children through mentoring. These programs will allow them to focus on positive thinking and work on their weakest subjects in school. They work one on one with the mentor that is assigned to them though our evaluation process. Our mission is to help stomp out bullying and all other negative character behavior problems in schools. 


OUR STOP THE VIOLENCE CONCERTS AND CANDLELIGHT VIGILS: This is the mother ship of our programs, it is the fund raising vehicle that allows us to support our organization though musical concerts, grants, fund raising dinners, sales of tee-shirts and caps. All focus is on the prevention of violence in our community. We organize gun buy back programs supervised by our city police.  We work with churches and other organizations to promote our events for maximum participation.    


OUR STOP THE VIOLENCE VICTIMS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: This program was developed to assist those families that is in need of financial assistance with burial arrangements for their loved one that was killed by violence.  Stop The Violence And Embrace Inc. is proud to be recognized as a leading force behind helping the community.  We are grateful that God has placed it upon our hearts the desire to want to help others whom are in dire need and at the same time help our community in a positive way.



Stop the Violence & Embrace, Inc. offers an entry level hands-on recording engineering program with an emphasis in science of recording, mixing, reproducing sound and audio technology. The program is designed to work with youth and young adults interested in gaining the technical and creative skills needed in the recording engineering industry. The program is offered to students within the Parramore and surrounding areas. The recording engineering program will be offered Monday thru Friday from 5:00-9:00pm. The recording engineering program is designed for students to pursue an advance degree by articulating to a higher level institution. The recording engineering program focus on varies fields of interest.  At STVE, we pride ourselves with advance and up-to-date technical equipment used in recording music to capture the best sound possible.


Stop the Violence & Embrace, Inc., offers a video production program that is designed to introduce the basics of video production. The program is designed to work with youth and young adults within the Parramore and surrounding area. The video production students will work in conjunction with the recording engineering program. The video production program will be offered Monday thru Friday from 5:00-9:00pm. Students will have an opportunity to create professional videos in live and post production.

Stop the Violence and Embrace, Inc.

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